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About our title!  For years we've worked on the script and since 2010 had the title "Mercy Street-Rescue In The Holy Land". Recently, various lands in our film made big political news! In all fairness and to make sure our film is not viewed as a "political film" we change the feature film title to  "A COAT OF ARMS"   

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IMDb  A COAT OF ARMS (2018) Feature Film



Looking for Executive Producers, Co-Producers, Associate Producers, Extras, Background Actors, Community Volunteers of all kinds, to create a one-of-a-kind non-profit feature film through an original story, reaching from your street across the seas!  The sequel is in progress as well as another feature film. Scripts and Synopsis available on request for current and future productions!

​Films In Development: 

A Coat Of Arms

Title TBD

'A Coat Of Arms II'

The Continuing Story!

Title TBD

'Young Sons' or 'Breaking Concrete'

Synopsis available on request!

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The Mercy Street Neighborhood

Welcome to your virtual neighborhood in development

with real-time possibilities in your town! 

Name a street!

Plant a garden!

Open a mission!

Help write the Sequel! or Next Feature Film!

Find the church without a building! 

Imagine if . . . 

 No Orphan Left Behind. We can all do something.
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